Art is to be touched . Art is to feel . Art is to evoke emotion . Art is to transcend.

My work is autobiographical, rooted in personal history. What drives my process is the internal primal emotions held deep within my soul. Currently exploring abstraction I approach shapes and surfaces as expressions of psychological states, using various mediums including clay, plaster, burlap, string, wire, fabric, elements found in nature and multilayers of applied oxides and pigments.

In my creations I strive to depict spirit, energy, passion and the visual flexibility of depth. My process is one that evolves intuitively, as the dance between form, texture and material interact through continuous action, inviting my viewer to connect on a deeper level influenced by their own personal history. With an understanding of the effects my psyche has on my process I am continually probing psychological feelings hidden deep within my subconscious and ways to express these emotions in my work. I continue to develop through my own self-analysis, which provides fuel for my unceasing prolific creations.

My current and future interests concern how I will explore the breath of human experiences using art as a vehicle for transformation